Welcome to The Essex Auto Club

The mission of the ESSEX AUTO CLUB is to share our enthusiasm for owning and driving interesting cars, both old and newer, promote participation in the hobby by both young and old, and use our events and activities to do good by helping our communities and local charities.

Fun Facts: Over the next few years, virtually every car company will offer electric vehicles or “EV’s”.  Many have committed to going “all-electric” over the next 20 years. Ironically,  electric cars date back to the 1890’s (a few earlier than that). By the beginning of the 20th century, roughly 40% of all cars were powered by electricity (batteries), while another 40% were steam-powered. Only 20% had gasoline engines! Those early “EV’s” were slow (15-20mph) with low range (30-40 miles) but they were serious contenders in the burgeoning automotive marketplace. For the record, the first Tesla was delivered in 2008 – roughly 100 years later!!!