Welcome to The Essex Auto Club

The mission of the ESSEX AUTO CLUB is to share our enthusiasm for owning and driving interesting cars, both old and newer, promote participation in the hobby by both young and old, and use our events and activities to do good by helping our communities and local charities.

EAC is pleased to announce Jim Olson as our newest Director! Jim is a real “Car Guy” specializing in “Orphaned Cars”. His vast collection includes examples from several marques that no longer exist: Kaiser, Studebaker, Nash, Delorean, to name a few. He has extensive experience working with non-profits. A longtime member of EAC, Jim is also a retired executive (and pilot) for Whelen Engineering. He will (initially) help us identify additional sponsors (over and above the current list) for our annual July 4th Car Show. Jim is an outstanding addition to the EAC leadership team as we start our 15th year! Welcome aboard Jim!